The BHE Air is designed to take centre stage as the lightest and most powerful hairdryer currently on the market, designed to prevent wrist and shoulder damage as it weighs only 240grams. BHE AIR Features: 3 Speed settings 3 heat settings Cold shot Lock button Button lock
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The BHE Air is equipped with the latest and most innovative technologies, such as i-OZONE technology, i-TORRENTE gives hair well-being, shine, and long-lasting color. i-TORRENTE guarantees very high performance, combined with the construction features and design peculiar to the best Italian quality. Health & Hygiene i-OZONE technology assist in reducing the spread and build op of bacteria, moulds, fungi and viruses. Fast Drying The i-TORRENTE effect multiplies air-flow which leads to faster drying time. Auto Diagnosis Immediate indication of any system malfunctioning. Auto Clean i-TURBINE reversal deep cleans the BHE Air after each use. Innovative Micro Filter Prevents the passing of micro dirt particles into the mechanism of the hairdryer, promoting hair hygiene, longevity of the device and preventing hair from getting caught in the back coil of the dryer. BHE AIR specifications Lightest dryer: 240g Height: 166.8mm Width: 193.5mm Diameter: 46mm Power: 2000 watts Brushless motor speed: 100k rom Warranty: 12 months What’s in the box 1x Professional Hairdryer 1 x Nozzle 1x Hair Diffuser