Milkshake Smoothing Cream

soft hold smoothing cream
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A styling cream formulated to smoothen the cuticle, protect the hair during blow-drying, and give natural support. Keeps hair smoother for longer and counteracts frizz. Leaves hair soft and shiny without unwanted residue. milk_shake® Smoothing Cream contains the following ingredient Quinoa Proteins to protect hair colour and prevent colour fading. This vital ingredient also increases manageability and gives shine to the hair Silk Proteins to offer a film-forming action. Hydrating, conditioning, heat protection, protection from stress that can cause damage to the hair. UV Filter protects the hair from UV rays that dehydrate hair and cause colour fading milk_shake® Smoothing Cream is part of the Lifestyling Group. Whatever your style, milk_shake® Lifestyling is the best solution to enhance your look. Use: Dose the necessary quantity and apply by distributing over clean, damp hair. Proceed with styling.